The Vincent Series

The Vincent Series


Vincent: The Quest For Light

A sacred duty to the throne.

A search for truth and light.

And a man who stands to lose it all.

When the four main clans of the vampire nation were founded, a system was put into place. Each Kingdom was given a sacred item to ensure worthiness to the throne.  No one dared to question the traditions.

Until now.

The North American Clan is unguarded, with their Lord deceased and his heirs either murdered or missing. Although Vincent Aralias – a privileged, one-hundred-year-old vampire- is third, and the only, remaining nobleman in line for the throne yet he has postponed his crowning in pursuit of a fool’s quest. His search for the light cure has left a void and Rodolfo Desterro, Lord of South America, holds his own ideas for the Northern Clan.

With the help of his Familiar, Jeebs, Vincent searches for a woman who might be able to give him the gift to walk in the daylight. The consequences of failure are unimaginable. Secrets are well hidden in far-off lands, unexpected sacrifices and deadly beasts lay around every corner.

Has Vincent made a big mistake?

Will his actions finally bring his kind out of the darkness, or is there a heavier price to pay?

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