Melody Klink-Author

I beta read this novel, and am speaking strictly from a beta point of view: the story itself, all editing and changes aside. I’ll try to keep this spoiler-free!

Vincent: The Quest for Light is an interesting take on the modern-day Vampire– it doesn’t beg to be Twilight, nor does it pretend to be The Vampire LeStat.

Within itself, it is uniquely its own.

There’s magic and mystery, along with lots of established Vampire and Otherwordly lore– some of it confirmed, others dismissed as fable. This makes for an interesting back-and-forth as Vincent makes his way through our everyday world… though, if I said it was only our everyday world, I’d be lacking some of the best parts of the story: the surprising and mythical places you end up as Vincent takes this journey. Magical beasts, killer flora, a hierarchy of Vampire, and sadistic foes all make home on these pages. His companions are from all walks of life, and they are fascinating; from Familiars to Werewolves to Pryers, a mystical creature that Vincent desperately seeks, friends and foes alike never lack story.

Overall, Vincent: The Quest for Light is a good backbone for a series; it does its duty of establishing the world Vincent inhabits, along with the stakes and potential of each character. I’m sure Vincent, his comrades, and enemies will have many more stories to come.

Rebecca Pechon- Avid Reader

This book is so captivating! It has so many twists and turns! It is a great read and I would recommend it to everyone! It is unlike any other Vampire novel! It isn’t your typical vampire book and it isn’t paranormal ROMANCE! It has a tasteful touch of romance and it has such unique characters. Vincent is a riveting character and Miranda Chapman brings the viewers on a wild ride along with his adventures. Chapman breathes life into her undead characters and gives a mixture of comedy and serious atmosphere. It is an intelligent and well-written novel and you will regret not adding it to your arsenal of books.

Shea Williams -Mother, Avid-Reader

I really enjoyed the storyline in this book along with the supporting characters. You get drawn into the different realms and creatures you meet along the way. It’s a great piece with technical language as well as wonderful humorous moments that bind the characters together. I strongly suggest reading this!