Don’t Wait Until You are in the Mood to Write

Don’t Wait Until You are in the Mood to Write


It can be hard to sit down to write when you are not in-the-mood. Here are a few tips on how I get my mind ready for the task.

I find it hard to write about my character’s adventures when all I want to do is eat a  full bag of potato chips and binge new series on Hulu or Netflix. I believe some of you can relate.  So. . . how do we get off our couches and get on that Author Chair?

One: Listen to Inspiring Music.

It can be helpful to put on some uplifting music, or even listen to movie soundtracks to help you get focused on that adventure. This also applies to Romantic scenes, sad scenes, you name it. Music has a way to put you in that right state of mind and illuminate any distracting noises around you.

The only music I would not recommend is rap. Don’t get me wrong I love a good heated word battle and I really love Twenty-one Pilots, however, my brain tends to focus on the music’s words and not the ones on my page. With that said, if Rap helps you then go for it.

Two: Set an Appointment and Arrive.

I have mentioned this technique in an earlier blog, but I stand by it. Routine can help your mind get into gear. Our brains LOVE repetition.  That is how we memorize things, and if your brain expects that it has to write at a certain time then it will be more focused.

You can set this time whenever you wish.  I know we all have busy lives and it is hard to fit things in, but you will thank yourself in the long run if you make your time important, and show up to those dates you set got yourself.

Three: Doubt you Doubts before you Doubt Yourself

My biggest downfall is when I “psych” myself out. When I look at my project and get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work ahead of me (especially in the editing process). My advice, take a breath and remember by small acts great things come to pass.

You can not Paint a masterpiece or build a skyscraper in one day, so why do we think we can write a story overnight?

It takes time to make something great. Give yourself a break and ask yourself; What can I work on right now? Then do it.

Stay positive, but remember we are all human. We all have highs and lows, and that’s normal. You can do anything you set your mind to . . .

And need be . . . bring that bag of potato chips to the desk with you.


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