It has been a while

It has been a while

The past few months have been amazingly productive and busy, which has resulted in less blogging. Nevertheless, I will be getting back into the blogging game soon enough, starting with today.

There are a few new and exciting things happening this year. Self-publishing can be expensive, therefore I have been creating a business plan in order to produce more books, including the release of book 2 in the Vincent Series; Vincent The Race Against Fate.

One of my new business models will include selling prints, and cards of my recent paintings.


You can check out more of my works on

All profit will go to the production of new books, as well as supplies to continue making paintings. I hope that if production goes well, then I will split the proceeds and donate to animal rescue and rehabilitation both wild and domestic. I ascribe to the old adage, become self-sufficient, then help others.

I wanted to thank everyone for their patience and support. You have all been inspiring.

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