The Trials of a First Time Author

The Trials of a First Time Author

Trials help us grow as humans

I have experienced many trials while writing my first novel and the refinement continues. During the production process, I lost my cover designer. With only a month away from publishing, I had to learn how to make a cover by myself. In the final stages, my editor disappeared. Everything seemed to be going sideways, but I persevered. I wrote, designed and produced almost my entire book. I truly believed it was a fantastic project and it was ready for release, then the emails arrived. They stated that there were many punctuation and spelling errors, my worst nightmare. I am not the strongest when it comes to comma placement and spelling. I have accepted this and I have studies on countless occasions. I should have postponed my release date. I was so excited to be an Author that I ignored my gut instincts. Mistakes happened, but with that said, let me tell you what I have learned. My hopes are that you may benefit and grow as I have without going through it the hard way.

Do not rush your work.

This is the most important lesson I can impart unto you. My father often told me that in a project, there is a triangle and at each point, there is a decision. At the bottom left there are the words ‘Well Done’. To the right corner, there is the word ‘Inexpensive’, and lastly, the word ‘Quick’ adorns the top of the triangle. He would then say, “you can only pick two.”

Would you rather have a project done inexpensively and well done, or would you rather produce a quick and inexpensive project with the risk of it being ‘undercooked’?

We have all probably heard the old adage, “Good things come to those who wait”. Well, it is true. If I had waited then I could have caught the problems before going through the stressful experience of having a less than perfect version out into the world. Which brings me to my next point.


You can not be perfect, therefore your projects are not going to be perfect.

Perfection is a word the for Gods. We will never be perfect in this life, though we might try. We can, however, become really good at our craft. To do that we must commit, study, and experiment. You will never know if something is going to work if you don’t try. So, drop the notion of being perfect, it is not possible, but hard work and determination are.

Another thing I learned while becoming an Author is always saving your projects on multiple devices or sources.

I have lost a few projects from computer crashes and other unfortunate means. When I started writing Vincent The Quest for Light, I was typing my book on a windows 8. When my computer crashed, I had to read HTML and sort through binary code. All the while using the keyboard to navigate it because my mouse was not registering on the modem. I then had to write it in a notebook (paper and pen people) and continue to write my book on physical paper until we could afford a new computer. I finished writing The Quest for Light on eight pads of notebook paper. I clipped them in two large binders, then transferred the entire book by typing it up.

It is a lot easier with all these devices, google docs, the cloud, external hard drives. There should be no excuses, please back up your work. Don’t read through the code to retrieve your words.

I have learned a great deal many things. I will try my best to impart more knowledge as time goes by. I am putting Vincent The Quest for Light through another editor then putting it back up on Amazon. This should be the last time. I will keep you updated. For now, take your time to your work.

Don’t rush it, perfection is overrated, and as always. . . . Keep Writing.




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