To Each Their Season

To Each Their Season



I am a huge advocate for decorations around the holidays, but I also believe in the old adage To Each Their Season. My favorite holiday is Halloween. I love all aspects of it from the historical traditions to the special effects of haunted houses and creativity of costumes. I often state that Halloween is a lifestyle choice, not just a holiday. It makes me cringe when I see other types of decorations in stores way before their intended seasons. I am talking to you Christmas retailers. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas as well, what I do not enjoy is when you walk into a store and forget what month it is because of all the decorative distractions.

Yesterday, I did something against my decorating code. It is precisely 6 days until Thanksgiving and I put up Christmas decorations within my home. I set up two trees (minimally decorated), and three stockings now hang above the large window in our house. Then. . . . I watched hallmark with a cup of hot cocoa. When my husband came home, he was shocked at the sight. He didn’t notice that I had cleaned the house or made his favorite soup, no, he noticed that I had broken my saccade vows to only decorate when appropriate.

Why did I do this? I wondered . . .  and so did my husband.

I decorated early for two reasons, one practical and the other emotional.

One, we will be traveling for Thanksgiving and I wanted to come home to an already decorated house. Two, I wanted to feel the warmth of the holidays. I wanted our home to feel extra homey. I wanted to be comfortable and for it to be a nice surprise after a cold fall day. I needed to give my husband and myself a calming and loving home.

The world often dictates when and where we should put up decorations. I am still an advocate of respecting other holidays. Halloweeners should promptly put away their décor before thanksgiving and Christmas-addicts please reel in those lights way before Easter. However, everyone has the right to display their home with their own traditions and personalities. This goes the same for the stories that we write. Be who you are, decorate your worlds, be respectful of others, and live life to the fullest.


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